Navigating MBBS Abroad

At our core, we are healers and facilitators, driven by a passion to shape aspiring minds into accomplished medical professionals. With a stethoscope in one hand and a guiding light in the other, we embark on a path that bridges dreams to reality.

As academic advisors, we understand the aspirations that fuel every young heart yearning to make a difference. With years of experience, we have seamlessly merged the realms of medicine and education to craft a unique route for you to fulfill your ambition of becoming a doctor through internationally acclaimed MBBS programs.

Beyond academics, we are your mentors, confidantes, and steadfast companions in this journey. Our mission is not only to provide exceptional educational consultancy but also to nurture your growth, uphold your dreams, and ensure that every step you take resonates with the heartbeat of compassion and excellence. Join us on this extraordinary expedition – where medicine meets education, and dreams take flight.


32+ Countries

They have been included in our service coverage, ensuring a wide-reaching and diverse range of assistance.

100+ Universities

They have partnered with us

50+ Members

Including educators, doctors, and counsellors, constitute our dedicated team, ensuring diverse expertise and unwavering support.

100+ Success stories

Our guidance has paved the way for countless students to excel in their international academic pursuits.


Personalized Journeys

From Affordable Medical Education to Dream Settlement

KG2PG helps aspirants secure admission in affordable medical programs without compromising the quality of education. Furthermore, these fees can be further reduced through scholarships and financial aid. We act as a bridge to your dream of studying MBBS abroad, earning a significant income, and settling in your desired country.

End to End Documentation

We offer technical expertise for a variety of essential documents. This comprehensive assistance covers all the necessary paperwork for college admissions and the visa application process.

Tailored Paths

We can easily help you find colleges or universities that match your academic and financial background.

Unlock the Wherewithal

We're here to provide you with expert assistance on scholarships, financial aid, bank loans, and various funding opportunities.


We’re Here Right For You

Become a Universal Doctor

Beyond the acquisition of medical knowledge, studying MBBS abroad cultivates a global perspective, nurturing cultural sensitivity and adaptability. Exposure to diverse healthcare systems enhances clinical skills and fosters a well-rounded medical professional.

Global Networking

The interaction with peers from around the world enriches collaboration and communication abilities, vital in today's interconnected medical landscape. International universities often boast cutting-edge facilities and research opportunities, fostering innovation and excellence.

Life Enrichment

Moreover, such an experience instills resilience and independence, nurturing personal growth. Studying MBBS abroad is not solely about education; it's an immersive life experience that fosters empathy, broadens horizons, and shapes compassionate healers poised to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.


Mapping Your Future: Selecting Your Study Destination


Beyond Paperwork, We Guide

At KG2PG EduHub, we take a holistic approach to your MBBS study abroad journey, leaving no stone unturned. We understand that every element matters, which is why we meticulously handle all aspects of your application.

From thoughtfully drafting cover letters, impactful statements of purpose, and convincing proposals to curating other essential documents, we've got you covered. But it doesn't stop there – we go the extra mile. Our dedicated team takes the time to craft tailored resumes that reflect your unique journey and aspirations.
We're not just about paperwork; we're about guidance. Our interview tips provide you with the confidence and edge you need to shine during admissions.

Furthermore, we're by your side as you navigate the intricate maze of the holistic admission process conducted by foreign universities. Our mission is clear: to equip you not only with documents but with the skills and knowledge to secure those coveted MBBS seats. Your dreams are our priority, and we're here to make them a reality.


At KG2PG, we extend a warm and guiding hand to help you navigate the exciting journey of education. Here’s how we’re here for you: College Selection, School Admissions, Application Assistance, Interview Preparation, Financial Aid Advice, Test Preparation, International Student Support and Transfer Student Assistance.

We are associated with over 100 institutions offering more than 50 academic programs in various domains, including Engineering, Arts, Medicine, Science, and Management.

The service fees vary from course to course, but we ensure that they remain nominal.

Yes, it’s available for international students. We offer holistic admission assistance, end-toend document support, and scholarships & financial aid assistance.

Absolutely, we take your privacy seriously. Your information is kept strictly confidential and handled with the utmost care throughout our entire partnership. Your trust is essential to us, and we are committed to safeguarding your data.