Ten Dos and Don'ts for Every NEET Candidate

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Ten Dos and Don'ts for Every NEET Candidate

Ten Dos and Don'ts for Every NEET Candidate

Expert techniques can help NEET candidates get ready for the exam in 2024! Learn important dos and don'ts, topic-specific advice, and exam-day procedures. Start your journey to medical success right now.

The National Test Agency administers the NEET Exam to candidates wishing to be admitted to government and private medical schools across the country. The authorities have released the NEET exam date for 2024. Exam day is May 5, 2024. While preparing for the NEET, candidates could become unclear about some things.

NEET candidates should do some things and stay away from others, both during the exam day and during their preparation period. Candidates preparing for the NEET Exam 2024 should be aware of the dos and don'ts. Your preparation plan should include ten things you must and should not do before the exam. This article will cover the preparation dos and don'ts of preparation will be covered in this article.

2024 NEET Exam Overview

The NEET Exam 2024 will be held on May 5, 2024, for medical school applicants. In India, NEET is the sole medical admission exam used for undergraduate programs including MBBS, dentistry, Ayush, and nursing.

The authority will shortly open exam registration. Probably in March, the application form will be made available. Aspirants to the NEET Exam should confirm their eligibility before registering. The overview of the exam is mentioned below in Table  

NEET Exam 2024 Overview



Exam name

National Eligibility cum Entrance test

Conducting Body

National Testing Agency

Minimum eligibility

10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Minimum age

17 years

Official website



10 things every NEET candidate should know!

NEET aspirants must be aware of the dos and don'ts of the exam. It is an essential part of exam preparation. To qualify for the exam, NEET aspirants must include this in their preparation strategy. The dos and don'ts are given below: 

Dos for the NEET Aspirants 

  • Analyse the NEET syllabus before commencing preparation. Look carefully at every subject and every topic. Try to divide the curriculum into subjects; this will help you prepare in one go.
  • Give time to every topic on the NEET syllabus. Divide the time between physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • Maintain sufficient discipline during your preparation period. To ace the toughest exam, you need sufficient discipline. Implement your preparation strategy with diligence.
  • Practice more and more for the exam. When preparing, you must practice mock tests and previous year's questions.
  • Prepare your notes and create brief notes of the formulae with essential questions addressed. 
  • Make a study schedule that suits the subjects. Plan breaks in your schedule, too, so you won't have to study for hours on end.
  • As you prepare, take care of your mental health and keep yourself composed and upbeat.
  • Then reread each subject often. Your preparation is heavily reliant on revision.
    Then organize your approach to answering the questions in accordance with the test pattern. Negative marks are another feature of the exam, so you have to watch how many questions you attempt.
  • To improve your speed and accuracy, solve the question papers from the previous year. That will make it easier for you to complete the exam on time.

Don’ts for the NEET Aspirants 

  • Never put off getting ready. To cover the largest syllabus, you have to begin your preparation on time.
  • You are well aware of your own talents, so do not compare yourself to others. You should thus simply gauge your degree of preparation.
  • Then Concentrate on more than one topic; the NEET syllabus consists mostly of physics, chemistry, and biology. 
  • Give every subject, then, equal time. Concentrating on one subject will force you to take the exam in one part.
  • During your preparation, do not forego sleep. Getting enough sleep is critical to focusing well on your studies.
  • Correctly, and firstly, review the prepared argument. Never lose hope in your own skills. It is possible that you cannot answer some questions at times.
  • Delaying clearing up your uncertainties may lead to issues in the long run. Sometimes, eliminate your uncertainties.
  • Exam stress should be avoided; instead, concentrate on the process and have faith in your preparation plan; the result is only a byproduct of your work.
  • Never, under any circumstances, ignore your timeline. Stick to the schedule exactly. Then, until the final minute, leave no significant topic.

NEET Exam Strategy

For every NEET candidate, exam day is the most crucial day. On exam day, there are several things you must do and stay away from.

  • When your test is about to start, remain composed and attentively read the instructions. Refer to the dress code instructions and bring only the specified stationery.
  • Get to the test location at least an hour early.
  • Then, do not talk to anyone in the exam room about any questions, and do be quiet there. 
  • Please carefully read any question before starting. Examinees should not freak out.
  • Writing your roll number on the OMR page should be done carefully.

You must be aware of the dos and don'ts while preparing for your exam. For every NEET candidate, it is a vital component of the exam. Give each subject plenty of attention and prepare yourself with a good plan; do not concentrate on just one. Get ready early to avoid the last-minute rush.

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